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Welcome from the Students


Primary School Welcome

 Starting a new school is a very scary experience but arriving in KTJ you instantly feel welcome and happy. On the first day of school KTJ students made lots of friends and played together happily. In school we have lots of interesting subjects and children love to learn here as the teachers in KTJ make lessons really fun. There are also lots of things to do outside the classrooms as well. Every day after school there is a wide range of after school activities, there is something to fit everyone. At break times and lunch times we have lots of equipment to play with like a sandpit, climbing frame, hop-scotch, four squares, seesaw and a slide. We celebrate some events too for example Book Week which includes lots of reading and dressing up activities. Soon we will be enjoying International Day where we will have fun learning about different countries. We love our school and hope you do too!

Gendis and Mutiah (year 5) & Maya and Yooven (Year 6)

Secondary School Welcome

 Brace yourself, because your family is about to grow by about 700 awesome, new members. For years, KTJ has been our closely-caring family, and we hope it can be yours too!

The staff and seniors here are like our second parents and big siblings; they’re friendly, helpful people who ensure that you’re healthy while you board. Living with teachers and friends also gives you valuable academic support as they are there to help with your studies 24-7.

There is always something going on here. From the multitude of clubs and societies, to the extravagant Saturday night events, to the vast range of sports and facilities, KTJ is an amazing place to find and pursue your interests with other enthusiasts. Every activity is an opportunity to meet new friends, learn new skills and gain new experiences, and trust me, we have plenty of activities!

On your journey through KTJ, you will find a multitude of opportunities; you will gain new skills and abilities you never thought you’d have, learn from your friends and then teach your friends, and most importantly, meet the family you will never forget for the rest of your life.

So are you ready? Welcome to the KTJ family.

Vincy Bu & Jiaxen Lau (Sixth Form students)

I like KTJ because I don’t have to keep carrying my bag everywhere!
Hudzail - Year 4
I like KTJ because I don’t have to keep carrying my bag everywhere!
Hudzail - Year 4