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How does KTJ help new boarders to settle in?

There is a full induction programme for new day students and boarders, which takes place over the first week of the term. In the boarding houses, students are also paired with an existing boarder of the same age to help them in the first few weeks.

Are boarding staff qualified?

Every Houseparent at KTJ is a long serving boarding school practitioner who has a great deal of experience working within a boarding environment; they are used to dealing with the many issues that face young people. We also have a fully functioning Medical Centre on site, a trained counsellor, a visiting Doctor, and the majority of our Matrons are registered nurses. Our staff regularly undertake INSET training, across a range of pastoral issues, and the Houseparents meet weekly to ensure the highest standards of care are given across the School.

Who can boarders speak to if they need help?

Boarding staff are all trained in how to listen and deal with specific pastoral issues related to boarders.  They are always readily available. In addition,  the School has a trained Counsellor, a Director of Boarding and a Deputy Principal: Pastoral who are always at hand to listen. The Matrons, and the staff at the Medical Centre, are also available should students need to talk to someone. Several of our senior students are trained Peer Counsellors and they are available on a daily basis.

How do we support boarders with their academic progress?

Most of our boarding staff are also teachers.  All boarding staff take on the role of parent and will check homework and monitor academic progress of students in their care.  As boarders do their homework/prep under the supervision of the boarding staff academic progress can be rapid.  Boarding staff have direct, quick and immediate access to subject and form staff, and boarders really do benefit from this.

Is there support for overseas boarders with English as a second language?

We have a specialised English Language unit to help pupils whose first language is not English.  Our ELU offers one-to-one support, small group support, and whole school support. We also offer IELTS to our Sixth Form students.

Does KTJ have support for boarders with learning difficulties?

The School has a dedicated Learning Support co-ordinator who helps pupils who have certain learning difficulties.

I like KTJ because the activities are fun and exciting
Ging Ging - Year 3
I like KTJ because the activities are fun and exciting
Ging Ging - Year 3