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Welcome from the Students


From: Emmeline and Aiden (Year 6)

Joining a new group of students, in a new school and, sometimes, even in a new country can be a daunting experience. When we first arrived at KTJ we felt very nervous but once the teachers introduced us to the class we were not so scared anymore.

We quickly made friends who showed us where everything was in the school – including the swimming pool, football pitch, library and much more. There is lots of equipment and things to do here! Within only two hours we felt very welcomed and happy.

There are some serious learning moments and some seriously fun moments at KTJ and all of the teachers are nice and friendly.

We are looking forward to taking part in celebrations at KTJ as well, for example Cross Country, Book Week and International Family Fun Day.

We don’t regret coming to KTJ for a second and are sure you wouldn’t either!

From: Brandon and Tiana (Year 6)

There are lots of exciting places to explore and experience here in KTJ, with new people to meet, interesting new things to learn and new friends to mix with from different countries with different cultures and languages.

In KTJ the Extra Curricular Activities are filled with different types of fun and attractive activities, such as; Comic Book Journalism, Eco Warriors, FOBISIA Games Training, Craft Club and many more.

Our friendly teachers have a great amount of teaching techniques to keep learning lively and are approachable, creative and always helpful.

KTJ has a good and comfortable environment, clean and eco-friendly for students to live and learn a healthy, happy life. Now we are in Year 6 we go for some lessons in the secondary school to prepare us for the next step in our learning. The food over there is amazing and the canteen is more like a restaurant!

At KTJ we are just like a big, happy family!

The KTJ teachers are really nice and kind to the students
Katiyah - Year 4
The KTJ teachers are really nice and kind to the students
Katiyah - Year 4