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The provision of appropriate education for students with special needs is the responsibility of all staff at KTJ. Various procedures and steps are in place for the successful integration of students with special needs. In general, the most appropriate social and academic learning environment for the majority of students is a regular classroom; as such, support for students with special needs is planned collaboratively with classroom teachers, with the vast majority of learning taking place in the classroom. The teaching team at KTJ regularly attends professional development sessions to better understand key strategies to use when working with students with learning needs.

The role of learning support is to provide students with the skills and techniques required to overcome the barriers to learning which may be preventing them from accessing the curriculum to the best of their abilities. Learning support may take on various forms, depending on the needs of each individual student:

  • One-on-one sessions to work on specific needs. Each student who accesses learning support is offered weekly or bi-weekly sessions to complete school work and additional tasks in relation to a specific learning need, such as dyslexia or dyscalculia.
  • Additional support for students in lessons. Where appropriate, students are offered additional support in lessons with specialist help. This may benefit all students with learning needs but specifically those with pervasive developmental disorders such as Asperger’s syndrome, who may have difficulty with communication and social interactions.
  • Collaboration with other student services. The majority of students with a learning need may also be affected emotionally and socially by the perceived issues related to being ‘different’. To re-build self-esteem and help with the management of emotions, students may also be offered time with the school counsellor or additional support in English.

For students who are withdrawn from their classrooms to receive learning support, re-integration with the classes they have missed is gradual and support is taken away step by step, thereby allowing these students the time they need to acquire independence and a sound sense of confidence.

The KTJ teachers are bright as a star and I wouldn’t change a thing
Adinda - Year 5
The KTJ teachers are bright as a star and I wouldn’t change a thing
Adinda - Year 5