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Boarding Houses


The essence of boarding is to enable our students to develop a spirit of independence and self-confidence while acquiring valuable social skills in a friendly environment. This is all within the well-appointed and secure system of purpose built Houses.

The Junior House is divided into separate sections for girls and boys and there are also three Senior Girls Houses and four for the Senior Boys. The eight boarding houses each have studies for their pupils, starting with shared rooms and leading to single studies in the sixth form. Sharing and the close community spirit often lead to friendships that remain well into adulthood. This binding House spirit also minimises any chance of bullying. There are experienced House Parents living in each house and a professional team of resident House Staff and Matrons who will help look after the academic welfare of the students. A daily visiting laundry sorts out the washing of all the students’ clothes and linen.

Boarders have a say in the smooth running of their House and as they move up through the years they are able to practise vital skills of leadership, responsibility and decision making. House staff supervise academic work in the House and each House has a library and a wireless network. For relaxation there are games rooms, a television room and, whilst KTJ is a multi-faith school, there is a surau provided for the Muslim students.

The Houses also generate a wide range of activities to stretch and develop the abilities of the students. Most weekends will see some sporting competitions with music, drama, dances or other performances on a Saturday night. Approximately every two to three weeks there is an exeat leave during which students may go home or to guardians if they so wish.

KTJ students are nice and happy
Natalia - Year 1
KTJ students are nice and happy
Natalia - Year 1