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There are many different clubs or societies that students may join. If it doesn't exist then students form a new club! Please see the link below to see the full schedule. Details of some of the clubs on offer are appended below.

Extra Curricular Activities 

The Yearbook

This club gathers and organises memories of the school year. It provides opportunities for students involved in the process to develop their organisational, writing and team-working skills. The students work in a team to write articles, collect photos and art work, compile ideas, and then create, edit and publish the annual KTJ yearbook.

KTJ Culinary Club

is for cooking aficionados and eating enthusiasts who are food lovers. It is dedicated to enabling students to make the most of their food experience! It is all about enjoying fine food, of both the professionally-prepared and home-made varieties. This club exists to educate people new to the culinary arts, to continue to motivate those already addicted to the enjoyment of eating, and to provide a forum for information exchange around a common interest – food, glorious food!

The Literary and Debating Unit

Aims to encourage all students, from forms 1 to 5, to participate actively in debating as well as in literary activities. Some of the activities that the club has carried out, besides debates, over the past year, are impromptu speaking, movie reviews, general knowledge quizzes and poetry recitals. This term, the club is focusing on the preparations for the upcoming Tunku Naquiyuddin Debate Challenge that will be held in November 2012.

Film Production

Students have the chance to write, film and edit their own video productions. We use a modern High Definition camera and the latest Adobe software to give our members the cutting edge in the editing room.

Art Club

Art Club takes place every Friday afternoon, its aims are to give all students, regardless of whether they study Art, an opportunity to create pieces of creative expression in a setting outside their timetabled classes. Many Art students also use the club to continue and enhance their coursework.

The Chinese Language and Cultural Society

Serves as a platform to promote and enhance understanding amongst our students regarding Chinese culture. Apart from being active in organising culturally rich activities, we also devote ourselves to others by doing community service and charity work which aims to contribute towards a better society.

Hip-Hop & Breakdance Club

This popular club gives those who enjoy expressing themselves through breakdance a chance to develop their skills and to work together to produce performance pieces. Mr Ah Fu, our instructor, visits the school on Thursday afternoons, to advise the students on how they can improve and hone their talents.

Science Club

The aim of this society is to inculcate a keener interest in science amongst its members. The club acts as an arena where members can apply their knowledge of science to make simple but useful inventions. We conduct educational trips to science centres and places of scientific interest to expand members' experiences and knowledge of science. We also participate in inter-college science fairs, quizzes and invention competitions.

Innovators' Club

Our aim is to challenge our members to come up with original ideas to form interesting contemporary designs for business, robotics, etc., including the process of commercialisation. We strive to enhance the development of these ideas into exciting models with unique designs. This enables the members to understand the technologies available and put them into practice. They are trained to anticipate and make reference to previous experiments in order to understand how to plan and organise physical or virtual projects successfully.

Social Media

This club gives members the opportunity to engage with other KTJ students, and the wider community, through managing the school's Facebook and Youtube pages and school website. The club is run in the manner of a publications company, with various writers, photographers and videographers documenting the latest school events and developments.

Buddhist Society

This Society gathers every Friday. The meetings usually commence with some simple Buddhist chanting and singing. We also discuss ideas for future club trips, events and activities. Annually, the Buddhist Society sells Chinese New Year cookies to raise funds for charities and also organises KTJ's Moon Cake Festival celebrations, where many students light lanterns and process around the campus, before playing games and enjoying traditional food.

Christian Fellowship

This club's aim is: "To know Christ and to make Christ known." The students meet on Friday lunchtimes and they can opt to attend different Christian denominational services on a Sunday, in either Mantin, Nilai or Seremban.

Islamic Society

Every year, this society organises several activities for the benefit of its members and the community of KTJ. The programme includes Hari Raya Lunch, Nasyeed Festival, Special Prayers for PMR, SPM, IGCSE & A Level candidates, Quizzes and visits to orphanages and other charities. The Islamic Society also organises Sunday morning talks at regular intervals regarding Islamic issues in order to widen its members' knowledge.

I like KTJ is a wonderland of knowledge and experience
Ashar - Year 5
I like KTJ is a wonderland of knowledge and experience
Ashar - Year 5