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Community Service and Learning


These vibrant and dynamic groups offer secondary students the option to contribute to society in various ways, whether through the intellectual stimulation of Model United Nations or the socially conscious Interact Club who recently raised over RM 10,000 to plant trees in Sabah.

KTJ Model United Nations (MUN)

The Model United Nations takes its lead from the UN. It is about looking at the world around us, evaluating changes to societies and how they could be implemented.

Students have the opportunity to debate the pros /cons of different viewpoints and take part in regional events.

The International Youth Award (IYA)

The International Youth Award is an internationally recognised award.

Students are given opportunities to develop skills, get physically active, give service and experience adventure. The award can play a critical role in their development outside the classroom.

Interact Club

The Interact Club is Rotary International’s service club for young people and KTJ's society is sponsored by the Seremban Rotary Club, the first in Malaysia.

Each year the club completes community service projects. Through these efforts, Interactors develop a network of friendships with local and overseas clubs and learn the importance of developing leadership skills and personal integrity, demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others. They also learn to understand the value of individual responsibility and hard work, as well as advancing international understanding and goodwill.

The Red Crescent Society

The Red Crescent society helps its members to understand the practical and theoretical aspects of first aid, based on the concept of prevention. It is important that each member knows First Aid and CPR to become a certified First Aider. Students will learn how to use their knowledge in giving assistance, saving the lives of casualties, and disseminating their skills within the community. Students will also gain a grounding in international humanitarian law.

People to People International (PTPI)

The idea of PTPI is to “Promote Peace Through Understanding”. Students take part in exciting, inspiring community projects and events.

Student Chapter members also build long-lasting, peaceful relationships between students of different countries and culture. The club aims to think globally and act locally. 

LEO club

LEO is about reaching out to local communities. Members acquire skills as project organisers and motivators of their peers. They discover how teamwork and cooperation can bring about change in their community.

The club takes part in a number of activities such as raising awareness about International Relationship Day, collecting unused glasses for - 'Recycle for sight' project IPD – and visiting local community organisations.

Peer-to-Peer Support

The Peer Support or Shoulders of Support (SOS) group is formed of students who have been trained and selected to give emotional support to their peers in school. The students undergo a 4 session listening skills course at the beginning of the term and are given guidelines on issues such as confidentiality. The students are then selected by their peers in the group with the final say from the teachers in charge. The school counsellor is involved in training and selecting the students with the help of another teacher.

SOS also are involved in campaigns around issues such as mental health, bullying and exam anxiety.

I like KTJ because the teachers are excellent and there are lots of friends to play with
Mikkel - Year 2
I like KTJ because the teachers are excellent and there are lots of friends to play with
Mikkel - Year 2