KTJ prepares students for leadership roles and members of the Upper Sixth are selected as Prefects, with responsibilities covering various aspects of school life.

Board of Prefects 2014/2015

Head Boy                  :        Lau Jiaxen
Head Girl                  :       Bu Jia Tian, Vincy
Deputy Head Boy  :       Hariprasad Nair
Deputy Head Girl  :      Sophia Liew Yii Lin

Aiman Esham
Ang Wei Keat, Alex
Asha Nair
Benjamin James Tan
Engku Fazmie b Engku Azahan
Goh Jia Ying
Hamzah Jamaludin Malik
Ili Nadia Bt Mohamad Azizi

Ismail Dhanish
Jeeso Yang, Kahlen
Jennifer James Amandus
Kimberly Kok Yu Min
Matthew Kueh
Mohamad Amirul Azim Baharudin
Mohamad Faizal Mohd Faudzi
Nabila Noor Sulaiman
Ryan Sachin Fernandez
Samantha Lim Wei Chi
Sonya Ann David Andrew
Suah Jing Lian
Tan Pheng Chew

Tan Yong Jie

Teo Jer Ning

Wong Zi Jun, Valerie

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