KTJ Term Fees 2023-24

A summary of KTJ's term fees, deposit for each year group, available discounts and fees for guardian visa is featured below. 

Admissions fees 

PaymentPrimary (Early Years to Year 6)Secondary (Forms 1 to Sixth Form)Due
Registration fee*RM500RM500Upon application (one time fee)
Admittance fee*RM5,000RM5,000Upon offer (one time fee)
Deposit**Same as tuition fees per term and capped at RM13,000 for Year 5 and 6RM25,000Upon acceptance of offer

*The registration and admittance fee are non-refundable.

**The deposit is refundable with one full term’s notice.

Fees are payable on a termly basis at the start of each term. An average increase of 4 - 7% can be expected annually.

Fees for Day students 

KTJ provides high-quality Day education for students in Primary Early Years to Secondary Form 5. The Day fees are inclusive of tuition and learning resources, most co-curricular activities, a morning snack for Primary students, lunch for both Primary and Secondary students and residential trips for Years 3 to 6 and Forms 1 to 4. 

Year groupTermly tuition feeAnnual fee (three terms)
Primary: Early YearsRM5,710RM17,130
Primary: Years 1 and 2RM11,100RM33,300
Primary: Years 3 and 4RM12,550RM37,650
Primary: Years 5 and 6RM14,510RM43,530
Secondary: Forms 1 to 5RM21,830RM65,490

Fees for Boarding students 

Boarding is a key feature of KTJ, and is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding aspects of school life. KTJ provides Boarding for students in Primary Year 6 to Secondary Form 5, and is compulsory for Sixth Form students. The Boarding fees are inclusive of tuition and learning resources, food and board (breakfast, a morning snack for Year 6 students, lunch, afternoon tea and an evening meal), laundry (with some restrictions), most co-curricular activities and residential trips for Years 3 to 6 and Forms 1 to 4. 

Year groupTermly tuition feeTermly boarding feeAnnual fee (three terms)
Primary: Year 6RM14,510RM13,493RM84,009
Secondary: Forms 1 to 5RM18,323RM13,493RM95,448
Sixth FormRM19,205RM13,493RM98,094
KTJ Admissions Publication

Please view our KTJ Admissions publication for a list of additional charges, information on deposits, discounts, EAL and learning support fees, scholarships and the year of entry. 

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