Our professional development programme is a dynamic and ongoing initiative that provides teachers with a platform to continuously develop and enhance their knowledge and skills. 

In this video, our Head of Secondary, Sarah Chesworth, and the Assistant Heads of Primary and Secondary give further insight into the professional development programme at KTJ:

We are commitment to provide a supportive, collaborative and developmental environment, which is reflected in our open-door policy, fortnightly drop-ins and SLT learning walks which help to provide focused feedback for all staff members. Colleagues have fieldwork buddies who help them work on solving learner problems.

Teaching and Learning

We take an evidence-based approach to professional development, which is powered by Steplab and Teaching WalkThrus. Our teachers meet fortnightly to collaborate, share best practices and reflect on their goals. Steplab is a professional learning platform which helps teachers to systematically consolidate all feedback, providing a space to review, monitor and share their progress over time. 

Focused feedback 

Focused feedback is a regular practice within our school, involving honest and precise commentary that addresses both strengths and areas for development. This diagram illustrates KTJ's fortnightly drop-in cycle which facilitates regular focused feedback: 

This approach to focused feedback empowers our staff with the knowledge and tools needed to grow and excel in their roles as educators. By implementing this feedback system, we also aim to identify individuals who demonstrate exemplary practices. Celebrating and disseminating these examples of outstanding performance throughout KTJ fosters a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.

Lesson drop-in time model 

Focused feedback model

In the context of our school, this tailored approach ensures that our staff members are well-supported, and the unique characteristics of the KTJ British curriculum within a Malaysian context are integrated into the feedback and developmental processes.


Our coaching programme is underpinned by the Early Career Framework (ECF) and develops relationships that are grounded in collaboration, reflection, self-directed goals, and trust. We work closely with educators who have been teaching for less than three years to support them in five key areas: assessment, classroom behaviour management, curriculum planning, pedagogy, and professional behaviours.