Each year, KTJ Sixth Form students gain entry into top universities in the UK, United States, Malaysia and around the world. 

In 2022, 100% of applications received an offer from 35 top UK universities, including Durham University. 100% of applications to study Actuarial Science, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Comparative Literature and Psychology also received an offer from a UK university. 

The US is becoming an increasingly popular destination for higher education, with students applying for a range of top colleges, especially Ivy Leagues. In 2022, KTJ Sixth Form students accepted offers from University of California, Berkeley; Columbia University; University of Pennsylvania; University of Washington; and Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania. In 2021 and 2022, KTJ Sixth Form also helped a total of two students gain entry into Harvard University, which has a current acceptance rate of just 4.5%.

Top University Destinations

Top UK Universities: 2020-23
UniversityNumber of students
The London School of Economics and Political Science47
University College London44
University of Manchester36
University of Warwick34
Imperial College London28
King's College London17
University of Bristol13
Durham University12
University of Edinburgh10
University of Cambridge9
University of Oxford1
Top US Universities: 2020-23
UniversityNumber of KTJ students
University of Pennsylvania7
Columbia University4
University of California San Diego4
University of Wisconsin-Madison3
Harvard University 2
Purdue University2
University of California Berkeley2
University of Texas at Austin2
Stanford University1
Top Asian Universities: 2020-23
UniversityNumber of KTJ students
University of Hong Kong4
Universiti Malaya3
Seoul National University, South Korea2
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology1
National University of Singapore1
Peking University, China1
The Hong Kong Polytechnic1
Tsinghua University, China1


Top European Universities: 2020-23
UniversityNumber of KTJ students
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland4
Cork University, Ireland2
Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands2
University College Dublin, Ireland2
Jacob's University, Germany1
University of Groningen, Netherlands1
University of Tilburg, Netherlands1
University of Twente, Netherlands1


Top Australian Universities: 2020-23
UniversityNumber of students
University of Melbourne10
Griffith University1
University of Sydney1
University of New South Wales1
University of Queensland1


To see a full list of KTJ's university destinations, please view our A Level Profile: 

A Level Profile 2023


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