We aim to provide an inspiring and nurturing learning environment which prioritises student safety, security and well-being. 

We have a dedicated Health and Safety Officer who meets with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) committee on a termly basis, to ensure that KTJ continues to meet a high standard of safety for students and staff. 


We are continually upgrading and enhancing our campus, not only to create an inspiring learning environment, but also to ensure the safety of the KTJ community. Recent improvements to the safety of our campus have included new fencing around the perimeter of the School, an upgrade to security doors for the boarding houses, the installation of drain covers, the renovation of public walkways and posters placed around School to remind students of what to do in the event of a lightening alarm.  

Regular drills, as well as presentations in assemblies and staff briefings, ensure that students and staff understand what to do in the event of an emergency evacuation. 

KTJ has formal policies in place which relate to health and safety, which include: 

  • School closure policy
  • Air pollution policy
  • Educational trips policy 

As required by Malaysian law, inspections are regularly carried out by the local fire brigade and SPKA inspects and reviews the School's lightening alarm system. 


A guardhouse is situated at all entrances to KTJ which is staffed 24/7 by internally-recruited security guards. The guards monitor the movements of everyone entering and leaving the campus. 

All visitors, vendors and contractors are required to wear a lanyard when on campus as a further safeguarding measure. We ensure that all visitors are fully supervised whilst in the School. This is except for specific contractors who frequently visit the School, but have undergone a formal background check and yearly safeguarding and emergency procedures training. 

Access cards are required to enter KTJ's main building and boarding houses. 

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