KTJ Secondary encompasses Forms 1 to 5 and Sixth Form. Our syllabus is based on the English National Curriculum and prepares students for their IGCSE courses which begin in Form 4.

Senior pupils at KTJ applying math calcualtions on a whiteboard

This academic curriculum is complemented by a wide range of inspiring and challenging co-curricular activities (CCAs). These support students’ skill development in categories such as art, sport, and music. Participating in CCAs enable students to cultivate new friendships, interests, talents, and broaden their horizons. 

Forms 1-3

Forms 1 to 3 are an important period in our students' education as they transition from primary to secondary school. 

For students who come from our Primary School, we liaise closely with our Year 6 class teachers to ensure the transition is smooth both in the preceding months and once the students have begun their secondary adventure. For students new to KTJ, we use all available information from their previous school to ensure that they are given the care, attention and guidance needed to ensure they quickly settle in and adapt to life at KTJ. 

We offer a rigorous curriculum which covers a wide array of subjects ranging from sciences to art, and from music to design technology. The aim is to expose our students to as many different areas of study as possible so they can choose the subjects that best suit them when they come to select their IGCSEs.

Full details of the subjects studied is available in our Middle School Handbook.

IGCSE (Forms 4 to 5)

At KTJ, students who enter Forms 4 and 5 start preparing to take their IGCSEs by pursuing an international syllabus taught by teachers who are innovative and who cater to individual students' needs. 

All students are required to study Mathematics, English, one Science and one language subject, along with up to 5 elective courses. 

While there is a clear focus on academic excellence at KTJ, we also place importance on our students' ability to learn outside the traditional classroom environment. 

To this end, we constantly look for the latest classroom innovations to enhance our students' learning experience and encourage them to explore both group and independent knowledge acquisition. 

We encourage our students, with the support of their parents, to select IGCSEs that are aligned with their individual strengths and areas of interest. Full details of the subjects available are listed in the IGCSE Subject Choices Handbook. The IGCSE examinations are held in May and June of the Form 5 Year. 


Senior Sports at KTJ - Pupil playing tennis

Sport plays a central role in the school’s mission to encourage the development of independent and well balanced individuals. We believe that Physical Education develops our students’ self-confidence, resilience and helps to foster a positive attitude towards physical activity and leading a healthy lifestyle. Students from Forms 1 – 5 will take part in a Physical Education (PE) lesson each week, and students in Forms 1 - 3 also have weekly swimming lessons.

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