Boarding presents our junior students with an opportunity to develop a range of skills which will benefit them throughout their lifetime. These skills include self-confidence, teamwork, responsibility and mutual respect.

Our junior students occupy Naquiah boarding house which was established in August 1997 and is divided into separate wings for girls and boys. Experienced Houseparents reside in Naquiah and oversee all elements of student care in the House. They are supported by a professional team of visiting and resident House Staff, and a Matron, who help to care for and support the students.

Naquiah (Boys)
HouseparentDavid Hughes
Email: [email protected] 
Assistant TutorBen Wakefield
Resident TutorImelda Francis
Visiting TutorErlizawani binti Jasmi
MatronShantia Adaikalam
House Captain 
Naquiah (Girls) 
HouseparentSimonetta Slade
Email: [email protected] 
Resident TutorsLim Chwee Ping and Soo Kar Man
Visiting TutorYoon Yeaeun
MatronShantia Adaikalam
House CaptainClara Tan Qian Wei
Naquiah Day House
HouseparentHamish Farquharson
Email: [email protected]
TutorsPeter Moss, Rachel Kaberry, Khairul Hilmi & Yuvaneswari Nauru Pichai
House CaptainAiden Awang

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